Fitz Harpstruck

Charmer of ladies


Fitz Harpstruck, comes from a line of famous bards and musicians dating back over two centuries. The Harpstrucks have served kings and courtrooms – filling bars with the sweet melodies of grand tales of adventures.

But the Harpstrucks are seemingly cursed. Every generation has died at the age of 30, for one reason or another. His ancestors have long researched the cause, but all attempts have failed. Sadly, the past four generations have just accepted their fates… Fitz’s father included.

Watching his father refusing to fight for his life was devastating. And when he died, Fitz ran away from home, fearing the fate that would one day come for him.

With his natural musical talents and atonement with magic, he started singing for food and petty coin outside of bars. One of those establishments was the Meat Barrel. The owner, a man known to be short tempered took the boy in. Not because he felt sorry for him, but because he was good for business.
His stunning looks and charisma kept the women coming, and the beer flowing. The popularity of the Meat Barrel brought many adventurers to the pub.

On one faithful day, an adventuring party from Nightsong arrived at the pub. Fitz’s melodies that night were extra special, as it was ladies night. Full of inspiration, Nightsong ran off in the middle of the night to deal with a group of nearby goblins.

Things got hairy in their battle, but the songs performed by Fitz rang through them… giving them the final push they needed to slay the horde.

Seeing the power this young boy had, the group offered to take him to Nightsong so he can hone his skills and become an adventurer. Fitz not wanting to waste is life accepts and is ready for a life of adventure.

Fitz Harpstruck

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