Faelynn Everwell

Hero of Justice




The progeny of two adventurers (a high elf monk mother, Alatariel, and a half-elf bard father, Kendrick), Faelynn was born and raised in her father’s home city of Tyria after the two chose to settle down in the trade hub and raise their daughter in a more stable environment. With the golden spoils of their previous work, a surprisingly lucrative luthier business had been set up to cater to the bards and entertainers that made their way through, and so from a very young age the freckled half-elf had her head filled with grandiose tales of adventure, chivalry, romance, honor and heroics from masterful storytellers even before she could make full sentences of her own.

Five years of relative normalcy and peace had gone by before the more dire news of the continent eventually weighed heavy enough on the couple’s consciences to reconsider the sheltered, bubble-like lives they’d built up for themselves. Talk of invading orc armies and fiends and a surge of undead brought with it worries for the future peace and prosperity of their own city and family, so when a call for aid came from a town they’d fondly frequented in their travels that was along one of the trade routes that led to Tyria, the couple chose to leave Faelynn in the care of relatives and took up arms once again to go deal with what could be a threat to their daughter’s future if it wasn’t stopped now.

Several months later, Kendrick returned alone. Alatariel had been struck down while helping protect the townsfolk from rampaging flesh golems long enough for more divine backup to arrive and dispatch them. It was one of many stories of her mother’s bravery and kindness that the bard would continue to raise his daughter with, so much so that despite losing the memory of her face, Faelynn would grow to idolize her monk mother and seek to follow in her footsteps as a great hero who could protect people and stop the forces of evil. It was a life choice her father only continued to enable with his songs, stories and general lifeview, though he didn’t expect too much at first as the girl did her best to watch and learn from monks traveling through the city and essentially teach herself some martial arts. Her mother had never used blades or polearms and instead let all her strength and skill come from the use of her fists and legs, and as such Fae took a similar stance.

Despite her ambitions, the girl led a relatively peaceful and ordinary existence until most of the way through her fifteenth year. In the summer Fae and a small group of friends had gone off into the ancestral forests outside the city to explore, fauna watch and help one of the group pick some flowers and herbs for her family’s apothecary. Towards the evening during the trek back they’d come across a corrupted-looking wolf snarling and looking ready to pounce at what seemed to be a human girl. While the others’ initial reactions were to figure out how to distract the creature without getting hurt themselves, Fae had sprinted forward without a thought and proceeded to punch it square in the snout (to the surprise and confusion of all involved), then get in between it and the girl and tell her to run away with her friends as the beast lunged and bit her arm.

While the younger tween seemed either paralyzed in fear or not understanding of Fae’s words, the others had ran for it assuming Fae’s act may have gotten them all spotted, but luckily for everyone they’d ran into a wagon of merchants and adventurers that had made camp and had come to the girls’ aid. Fae’s focus on martial arts and acrobatics had kept the beast distracted and missing her long enough for the group to arrive and dispatch it. They’d then helped patch a scratched up and bitten Faelynn and thanked her for protecting the younger girl, who she’d learned was both mute and the adopted daughter of one of the merchants who tended to wander off in the forests. A couple of the adventurers lent them a horse and escorted the trio back to the city entrance.

That night she’d received a little more than a mix of half-hearted scolding and praise from her family and friends. While Fae herself didn’t really understand, it seemed that the mute girl she’d protected had been a former favored orphan mortal handmaiden of Titania the Summer Queen, and one of the tiny lesser fey the child had perceived and wandered off to see before the incident had taken note of the ridiculous mortal’s reckless whim and reported it. Pleased of the news that one of her chosen had not been harmed and rather amused by the word of the half-elf’s methods, the archfey used a proxy to ‘speak’ briefly with Faelynn in a dream.

As with most dreams it was abstract, surreal and difficult to remember come morning, and in fact when she’d woken up with just the memory of a beautiful blonde eladrin-looking woman with wings Fae had initially thought she’d dreamt of her mother’s spirit. Instead, she’d subconsciously stumbled into a minor pact at the whims of a capricious benevolent archfey without really knowing what had happened, gaining a hint of magical power in the form of ‘spells’ she hadn’t known before and barely understood. Despite her lack of proper understanding, Fae chose to consider it a blessing and a sign that she needed to learn how to properly wield her newfound power and use it to right wrongs, protect the innocent and dispatch evil as a true ally of justice. With a heightened determination, she left the traders of Tyria for Lightshade in the hopes of joining the legendary guild of Nightsong whose heroes she heard many stories about. Perhaps within its ranks she could become a true hero and make her mother proud.

Faelynn Everwell

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