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Current Campaign: Nightsong

Nightsong Guild History

Name: Nightsong
Guild Leader: Sevus Lightborn
Guild Officer: Gusto Fuego
Guild Officer: Ellaine Silverwind

Nightsong started as a small band of adventurers that had made their way through Melthallow for multiple decades. Wherever they went the lute of their bard could be heard plucking away into the night, but this is not where they received their name. Sevus, a paladin of Bahamut, was the righteous leader of the group and often led the group into situations they generally wanted to stay out of. Despite their conflicting interests they followed this man because the way he carried himself and the memories of a dozen favors he has done for them with no expected return. On one warm summer night, the group was tasked with storming the Lord of Silvercrest’s keep on the grounds that he was summoning demons and using them to persuade noble families into giving up their family artifacts so that his power would grow. When they arrived into the city of SIlvercrest and made their way to the keep not a sole could be seen wandering the streets.

Out of curiosity and fear, the party knocked on doors to ask why there is not a person on the streets neigh even a guard at the gates. No matter how many doors they knocked on they were not greeted and heard not a peep. The rage was building in Sevus and the usually calm paladin began to storm towards the keep. His ever faithful companions ran alongside him matching his fury and barged into the keep. They made their way to the keep’s main room where they found two massive demons hunched over the form of the Lord of Silvercrest. His body was inside a large summoning circle that was poorly drawn and all around the circle were hundreds of corpses. Men, women, and children of many races were on the ground, lifeless. The two demons turned to regard the intruders and let out a bellow as they charged them.

Ellaine took up her bow and fired rapidly at the closest one while Sevus and Gusto ran to meet them with sword in hand as Lady Eliza took up her lute . The battle lasted for half an hour with the party sorely outmatched and on the brink of defeat. The paladins were on the floor bleeding out. The unmatched ranger Ellaine, her body lay broken and breathed shallow breathes. Their bard, Lady Eliza, threw down her lute and reached deep within herself to touch on her bardic magic. She began to sing a beautiful and dark legend, putting her life and soul into her voice. The demons were paralyzed and unable to react from her performance, and the rest of the party that lay on the floor could feel their wounds mending and their souls touched. Sevus pushed himself onto his knee and looked up as Eliza’s body started to glow. Tiny piece by piece her form disappeared into the air followed by the demon’s own banishment. As he realized what she had done he began to weep. Gusto put his hand on his shoulder and told him to look and listen.

All around them small orbs of light began to swirl and descend from the night sky and the haunting song of Eliza could be heard as he looked around and saw the people around them coming to. She had saved them, and the entire town. From that day forth wherever the party went they were known as Nightsong in memory of Eliza and her valiant sacrifice. Sevus, Gusto, and Ellaine no longer had the heart to continue their adventures after another year on the road and decided to setup a guild so that those seeking adventure be taught well so that the land be filled with hundreds of bright souls like Eliza and that those after them are truly ready for the dangers that come with being an adventurer.


Adventures in Melthallow

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