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Welcome to the Adventures of Melthallow Wiki!

This is your one stop shop for all things that exist currently and in the future for my campaign. A lot of back story will be placed in this wiki throughout the time we are running the campaign and some of it the characters may not know but the players are free to read it to perhaps include in future characters.

Current Party

The current party is a group of new recruits for the Nightsong guild that is based in Lightshade. There are large events ready to take place and many adventures await these mostly young and inexperienced adventurers.

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Every week we have a game I will make a mock newspaper that will have information about things that transpired in the down time between quests or perhaps about current events whether local or global.

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Quest Log

As the party goes forward they may wish to look back at their previous quests and what transpired because events may repeat themselves or maybe an old foe has resurfaced.

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World Lore

The world of Melthallow is not absolute at the moment, history is still being written and time is moving forward as it is written. So players will find it beneficial to have a single place to find lore as written by the dungeon master to avoid any previous gaming experience clouding what is in the world they play in.

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