Adventures in Melthallow

Nightsong's New Recruits
Getting them ready

Ten years after the disappearance of Victorious Secret and then their reemergence the city of Lightshade had experience a vast collection of events that the group took part in.

The first major event that took place was the orc invasion. Many of the people of Lightshade were initially against the alliance with the orc tribe that had settled north of their city, but they quickly became extremely against the tribe when they heard of the incoming invasion. The Victorious Secret group worked hard to keep relations between the cities people and the orcs clean and true. A large part of their success was the willingness of the orcs to help prepare the defenses of the city for the horde that was destined to arrive at their walls. Victorious Secret and the orc tribe were the pivotal parties in the war that cleared a path straight to the heart of the horde and destroyed it’s leaders. Without any order to the horde they were easy to dispatch and the city gained a valuable ally in the orc tribe as the civilians that fought alongside the orcs had built a trust that would be take a lot of work to break.

The second major event was the rise of the undead on the continent and the loss of many devout clerics to those undead. Disease and death spread throughout the countryside and slowly crept into the hearts of nearly every city. Lightshade was left pure due to their advantageous island position and the ancient line of Lightshade wizards. Once again Victorious Secret with their grudge against undead were able to salvage an ancient relic that made fighting the undead a simple task if not a tedious one.

The third was a rather untold story until the Victorious Secret bards spread their tale to every tavern they ever crossed on one of their tours of the continent. The group had been asked to recover a powerful artifact from the Underdark for a questionable warlock. He promised them their weight in gold if they could bring him the stone that lies in the depths of the darkest recesses of the Underdark, but unfortunately for him they accidentally dropped it and it was destroyed by a Xorm that ate it. The party returned to the warlock and were indeed paid well, for the roughly cut ruby gem they bought on the way back that they had a minor enchantment placed on.

Victorious Secret is now gathered in the halls of Nightsong, prepared to meet the new recruits that have been brought in from all over to become a part of the adventuring guild that has built up a rather large reputation as being a training ground for heroes.

The story of how these future heroes gets their start begins with their names being called off of the scroll of new recruits for them to receive their initiation and first quest as an official Nightsong party.

Party starts out at level 1 with no gear. Gear will be handled in-game as part of the initiation.

Evil characters are allowed but will typically not remain as Nightsong is a champion of the Good deities.

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